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Cloning and expression of the amphibian homologue of the human PKD1 gene

Burtey S, Leclerc C, Nabais E, Munch P, Gohory C, Moreau M, Fontés M. Gene. 2005 Aug 29 ;357(1):29-36.


PKD1 is the gene responsible for autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) type 1 in humans. The PKD1 gene product is likely to be a calcium channel regulator. In this paper, we describe the isolation and characterization of the Xenopus homologue of the human PKD1 gene. We isolated and cloned genomic fragments corresponding to the amphibian homologue of PKD1 from a BAC library, and after sequencing the clones, we designed primers for the amplification of the transcript and sequenced 10 kb of ORF. The sequence of the putative protein clearly demonstrated that this gene is the homologue of human PKD1. Analysis of the tissue expression patterns of xPKD1 demonstrated a high level of expression in the kidney. A similar analysis in developing embryos and in an in vitro nephrogenic system suggests that xPKD1 is associated with, and probably involved in, the development of the amphibian pronephros.